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Have a Fun Unlimited Samgyupsal and Seafood Party at UNLI BUSOG GRILL Restaurant!

Buffalo Chicken and Steamed Siomai Included!

Brace yourselves because UNLI BUSOG GRILL Restaurant doesn’t hold back! They have Unlimited Samgyeopsal, seafood, Filipino and Korean side dishes including Buffalo Chicken and Siomai all for only P199! Also, have you seen a restaurant that has Samgyupsal and Tuslob Buwa all in one place? Have a one of a kind feast at…


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Eat comfortably at the chill laid-back atmosphere of UNLI BUSOG GRILL Restaurant! Want to bring your family and friends? Tables are big enough for groups of people! After all, eating is more fun with good company! 

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Unlimited Grill

Don’t be shy and grill all the meat and seafood you can eat at UNLI BUSOG GRILL Restaurant! Their unlimited grill consists of Filipino and Korean marinated meat, marinated chicken, shrimp, fish ball, tempura, guso (seaweed salad), lumpia (spring roll), kimchi, spicy cucumber and many more! Before you forget, make sure there’s still room for a delightful serving of Spicy Buffalo Chicken and Steamed Siomai! 

Tuslob Buwa

Already had your Samgyupsal last week? Enjoy some tasty Tuslob Buwa (dip in bubbles) instead! Find the biggest puso (hanging rice) you can get and dip it into the rich mixture of pig brain, soy sauce and chili! Be careful, it’s sizzling hot!

Marshmallow Fondue

Have a sweet ending to a one of a kind feast! We didn’t mention it earlier because we want  the Marshmallow Fondue of UNLI BUSOG GRILL Restaurant to be a sweet surprise! Don’t worry, you already used your 1 month worth of cheat days. A fluffy marshmallow and milk chocolate fondue won’t hurt! Just kidding! 

One of a Kind Seafood and Meat Party

The restaurant is a one of a kind restaurant that serves all our guilty pleasures! From Samgyupsal, Buffalo Chicken, Tuslob Buwa to Chocolate covered Marshmallows, they surely know what we’re craving! Go grab your loved ones and have a fun Unlimited Seafood and Meat Party for only P199 at UNLI BUSOG GRILL Restaurant! 

Contact Details

Address: Linao, Minglanilla, Central Visayas, Philippines 6046 Minglanilla, Philippines

Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm on Mondays to Sundays

Contact Number: 0922 395 2880

Social Media:  Facebook 

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