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Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail: Conservation Area | EB Magalona, Negros Occidental

Amazing Environmental Project!

Photo courtesy of The Municipality of EB MAGALONA, Negros Occidental

Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail is more than just a beautiful beach. This captivating mangrove forest in Negros Occidental serves as a natural habitat for fascinating sea creatures like the Blue Swimmer Crabs! They also have instagrammable cottages with a breathtaking view of the sunset kissing the sea. Plus! A variety of the cheesiest pizzas are waiting for you in a gorgeous bamboo restaurant just located in the…

Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail


Photo courtesy of Alfred Sa-onoy
Photo courtesy of AndrewSoft Multimedia

Nothing more serene than a beach surrounded by the lush mangrove forest of Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail! Take a relaxing dip as nature takes your stress away. Also, uplift your spirits by the rainbow-colored floaters and cottages at the beach where you can chill, dine and jam with your friends! Take note, overnight stays are not allowed so make the most of your time! 

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Mangrove Forest

Photo courtesy of Rose Banares
Photo courtesy of Nix Navales

Photo courtesy of Nix Navales

Take a dreamy stroll in the enchanting mangrove forest! This forest was established in the 90’s when a group of Japanese students started reforestation activities. This forest amazingly expanded to about 20 hectares as the local schools and government continue the reforestation! The mangroves are a natural habitat for Philippine Ducks, fishes and Blue Swimmer Crabs!

Angel’s Restaurant

Photo courtesy of The Bacolod Food Hunters

Getting hungry from all the swimming and strolling? Indulge on the cheesiest pizzas of Angel’s Restaurant located just inside the Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail! Are you a cheeseaholic? We recommend trying their Cheezy Bacon Pizza! 

Seafood Market

Photo courtesy of Nix Navales

Want something healthier? They also have a seafood market where you can buy fresh seafood and have it cooked just the way you like it!  You can also have the food conveniently delivered to your cottage!

Souvenir Shop

Photo courtesy of The Bacolod Food Hunters

Express your love for Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail by shopping in their souvenir shop! Bring home some artsy t-shirts and beautifully crafted native bags and pouches to remember your fun experience in the eco-trail and support their amazing environmental project! 


Preserving the True Beauty and Purpose of Nature

Photo courtesy of The Municipality of EB MAGALONA, Negros Occidental

The Philippines is known for having the most beautiful tourist spots but not all these tourist spots have the commitment to preserve the true beauty and purpose of nature to be a natural habitat for the animals. This is what makes this eco-trail truly special! So come and visit Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail and discover more of what this enchanting mangrove forest has to offer! 

Contact Details

Address: Barangay Tomongtong, E.B. Magalona, Negros Occidental

Business Hours: Currently temporarily closed but set business hours are 

                              6:00 am to 6:00 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact Number: 0966 813 3541

Social Media:  Facebook 


Entrance Fee: Children- P5

                        Adults- P10

Parking Space and Accessibility: Parking space is limited. The roads to Tomongtong are narrow. Huge vehicles might have difficulties passing through. 

Affordability: As seen on the menu and rates, Tomongtong Mangrove Eco-Trail is affordable for the whole family and barkada!

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