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Have the Ultimate Unlimited Samgyupsal and BBQ at Georgie’s Grill House!

With Unlimited Steamed Rice!

Photo courtesy of Food Craving Reviews

Is it your cheat day already? Georgie’s Grill House let’s you have an Unlimited Samgyupsal and BBQ for only P199! Korean Samgyupsal usually has meat, vegetables, soup and side dishes but this grill house includes Unlimited Seafood and Unlimited Steamed Rice! Now that’s something new! Let’s make the most out of our cheat day at…

Georgie’s Grill House


Bright, lively and airy. These words best describe the place of Georgie’s Grill House! They also invite variety show participants here to perform on special occasions.   

Unlimited Samgyupsal and BBQ

Photo courtesy of Food Craving Reviews

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This Unlimited Samgyupsal and BBQ feast of Georgie’s Grill House consists of Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, Scallops, Chorizo, Seaweed Salad, Kimchi, Spicy Korean dips, Fried Noodles, Fish Ball, Unlimited Soup and many more for only P199! 

Cucumber Kimchi

If you’re tired of the usual Cabbage Kimchi, try their fresh Cucumber Kimchi with just the right amount of spiciness for the Filipino palate! 

Unlimited Steamed Rice

Unlimited Steamed Rice is the newest addition in the Unlimited Samgyupsal and BBQ! Replace your regular rice with their flavorful steamed rice for a more satisfying bite! 

Birthday Promo

Is your birthday just around the corner? Celebrate it at Georgie’s Grill House! You’ll have a free Unlimited Samgyupsal and BBQ including a free Sizzling Sisig plate and Ice Cream! Just present a valid document, proof of birthdate and photo identification!

The Ultimate Place for Cheat Days

Cheat days are essential! It’s a satisfying treat from yourself to indulge once in a while. They are the best place to have the ultimate cheat day! They’ll give you everything you crave. From meat, seafood, Korean side dishes and an Unlimited Steamed Rice to pair it with! Stop by at Georgie’s Grill House and have the Ultimate Unlimited Samgyupsal and BBQ for only P199!

Contact Details

Address: Tungkop Barangay Rd, Minglanilla, Cebu

Opening Hours: Always Open

Contact Number: 0920 825 1722

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

Email Address:

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