Shop Your Favorite Korean Goods at JJS Korean Food & Grocery

Korean food lovers, we’ve found our haven!

JJS Korean Food and Grocery offers a wide array of Korean products, it’ll feel like you’re really in Korea and their convenience store. Owned by a Filipina and a Korean, they started back in 2020 by delivering home-made kimchi or fermented cabbage to Cebuanos.

They grew their business until they served more home-cooked Korean dishes and Korean products that we only see in television screens. Want to visit them and take a look at what they have to offer? Here are some of the items in their store to get you moving!

JJS Food and Grocery Mart

The Korean wave, or hallyu in Korean, did not only influence us with their swoon-worthy KDramas, eye-catching KBeauty and amazing KMusic. Nowadays, a lot of people are also taking interest on their culture – especially their food!

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The closest we have to getting a taste of the diverse flavors Korean food has to offer are Korean BBQ places. However, did you know that you can also try to make them at home? Korean marts can help you make your own dishes at home and luckily we have…

JJS Korean Food and Grocery


Japchae, Mandu and Kimchi

Japchae is a Korean stir-friend glass noodle dish with vegetables. Mandu is a Korean dumpling with variety of fillings. Kimchi is a Korean side dish staple of fermented vegetables, commonly used are cabbage and radish.

Kimchi Fried Rice

This is where they started from and until now they are still serving these dishes for everyone to enjoy. Indulge with the unique taste of Korean cuisine.






From your favorite ramyeon, to Korean chips, drinks and desserts, they have it in store for you! There are also condiments available like ssamjang and gochujang fit to mix in with your Korean dishes.

You can also browse for more items found on their menu that can be seen at JJS Mart’s Facebook page. Another great thing about them is you can enjoy their delivery services and expect your order to arrive at your doorstep immediately!


Address: Canduman, Mandaue City, Cebu

Phone Number: 0999 157 5313

Store Hours: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM – Monday to Sunday

Have you set your eyes on some things you’d like to buy and hoard? Guess, we’re looking at a Korean dinner over at the JJS Korean Food and Grocery! Learn recipes and start indulging Korean food that you’ve been dying to eat. Annyeong!

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