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Rediscover Nature with the 10 Best Farms in Cebu!

Fall in love with Mother Nature!

Photo courtesy of Adlawon Vacation Farm.

The Queen City of the South still has a lot to offer! Discover what you can see while making the most of your time in Cebu with the Best Farms in Cebu!

Cebu has become one of the leading tourist destinations in the Philippines. And among the tall buildings, white sand beaches, and various city attractions, Cebu is also home to several farms. Appreciate the beauty of nature as we explore the…

The Top 10 Best Farms in Cebu

10. Betty’s Farm

Betty's Botanical Garden, Cebu City | ILuvCebuFirst on our Best Farms in Cebu list, Betty’s Farm is a 6-hectare enhanced highland home to indigenous plants and rare wildflowers. Within the massive farm is a high point where you can spot a great view of the Tabunan forest and the Camotes Island shoreline.

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To get there, you can ride a V-hire going to Balamban, asked to be dropped off at Cantimpla. Then, you can ride a single motorcycle for hire to accompany you to Betty’s Farm.

Betty’s Farm Contact Details

Address: Sitio Cantipla II, Barangay Tabunan, Cebu City, Cebu

9. Mactan Urban Demonstration Farm

Photo courtesy of Mactan Urban Demonstration Farm.

In the Mactan Urban Demonstration Farm, you will get to see the reality of farm life. A number of crops that you use daily are cultivated in this farm located in Mactan Island. You can also buy products made from the MUD Farm such as goat’s milk, manure, Vermicast and a wide variety of plants that you can bring home!

Mactan Urban Demonstration Farm Contact Details

Address: Looc-Basak Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Contact Number: 0917 624 3719

8. Adlawon Vacation Farm

Photo courtesy of Adlawon Vacation Farm.

Situated in the rural side of the city, Adlawon Vacation Farm is a serene choice when you want to take a day away from the noise and stress. Confine into the beauty of the surroundings around Adlaon, Cebu City, and have a relaxing night with loved ones. Adlawon Vacation Farm also offers function rooms for team buildings and they can cater your needs for wedding receptions or intimate birthday parties!

Adlawon Vacation Farm Contact Details

Address: Sitio Proper, Adlaon, Cebu City, Cebu

Open Hours: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM – Wednesday to Sunday

Contact Number: 0942 266 7392

7. The Strawberry De Cantipla Eco Farm

Photo courtesy of The Strawberry De Cantipla Eco Farm In Cebu.

Next on our Best Farms in Cebu list, there’s no need to travel to Baguio for fresh strawberries, have them in Cebu instead! The Strawberry de Cantipla Eco Farm is a small farm where you can feel like you’re in Baguio City. Pick the starwberries yourself and gush over the sweet taste from every bite.

They also offer strawberry-flavored food and drinks like a strawberry shake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry banana split, strawberry pancakes and a strawberry burger!

The Strawberry De Cantipla Eco Farm Contact Details

Address: Cebu Transcentral Highway, Cebu City, Cebu

Contact Number: 0919 231 7924

6. Lava Mountain River Farm

Photo courtesy of Lava Mountain River Farm.

You may have never heard of the place before, but Bonbon is relatively famous for having Lava Mountain River Farm. De-stress your way into tranquility, the 4-hectare agri-tourism farm is inviting you to stay and camp, wonder about in the trees and let the beautiful nature bring an abundance of fresh air and soothing ambience!

They also have an infinity pool which is constantly pumped with fresh water so it’ll feel more like a rejuvenating experience!

Lava Mountain River Farm Contact Details

Address: Sitio Biasong, Bonbon, Cebu City, Cebu

Contact Number: 0998 165 6487

5. Durano Eco Farm

Photo courtesy of Durano Eco Farm.

Halfway our Best Farms in Cebu list, towards the northern side of Cebu, enjoy a day trip with friends at Durano Eco Farm in Carmen. This natural farm serves as an ecotourism destination where you can picnic, lounge in their 8 swimming pools and also has their own camping facilities. A portion of the Durano Eco Farm is planted with dragon fruits, while the other side is now an ornamental plant nursery. Experience nature like never before!

Durano Eco Farm Contact Details

Address: Carmen, Cebu

Contact Number: 0939 473 6658

4. Alhibé Farm

Photo courtesy of Alhibé Farm.

When in Cebu, you might come across a term called “Alhibe,” and it is actually the Visayan word for water collection reservoir. As AirBNBs have risen to the top, Alhibè Farm in Carmen, Cebu is an organic and natural farm that uses a cold spring water source developed with respect to nature. Fall in love with nature around you while you stay in Alhibè Farm!

Alhibé Farm Contact Details

Address: Sito Baucan, Brgy. Sac-on, Carmen, Cebu

3. AO Farm

Photo courtesy of AO Farm.

Nearing the end of our Best Farms in Cebu list, is a popular site to the tourists and locals. Get a scenic view from above at AO Farm located at Toong, Cebu City. The wide vast of land is an area that is well taken of and is still currently developing more spots that you can spend time on!

Roam around their garden, play on their rappelling ropes, and hike on the farm’s highest spot where you can look at the entirety of southern Cebu. The flight of stairs that’ll take you to the farm itself is just a pre-course to prepare you on an adventure above!

AO Farm Contact Details

Address: Badiang, Toong, Cebu City, Cebu

Contact Number: 0920 908 9714

2. Serenity Farm and Resort Busay

Photo courtesy of Serenity Farm and Resort Busay.

Busay offers a lot of tourists attraction, but one of their best ones is the Serenity Farm and Resort. Get a peaceful view of the mountains surrounding Cebu as you wind down from a hectic week. They have 3 different rest houses that can be used as a place to relax, to build memories with your loved ones!

Their restaurant also offers a fine-dining experience, so while you’re getting full on dinner, you get to enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset.

Serenity Farm and Resort Contact Details

Address: Sitio Tiguib, Brgy., Cebu City, Cebu

Contact Number: 0917 624 3719

1. Lunhaw Farm Resort

Photo courtesy of Lunhaw Farm Resort.

On top of our Best Farms in Cebu list, Lunhaw Farm Resort, offers a placid ambience while staying at their resort. Located in the southern area of Cebu, this farm resort in Alonguinsan is like our own version of Bali!

With modern Filipino-Vernacular architecture intricately woven into the surrounding elements, the farm is nothing but simple yet every corner of the resort absorbs itself in it’s greenery with so much respect to the nature around you.

Lunhaw Farm Resort Contact Details

Address: Aloguinsan, Cebu

Contact Number: 0975 590 6507

Spend a Day in Rural Peace

Photo courtesy of Durano Eco Farm.

Mother Nature is indeed built wonderfully. Blow your mind with the Best Farms in Cebu that you can visit, relax in, and spend time with friends and family. The best moments are truly made with the people at the best place and in the best time.

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