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Overlook the City Lights at Panoypoy Heights in Consolacion!

Let’s go for a drive?

When we want to take a day off from all the stress that surrounds us, we love to go far away. But, for those who don’t feel travelling far, the heights are there to soothe their comfort. Panoypoy Heights is one of the heights that many locals go to because of the peaceful surroundings. Take a visit to a place where good food and a beautiful view meets at…

Panoypoy Heights

Consolacion is more than just a municipality. With a lot of mountain ranges a few kilometers away from the crowded area, Consolacion boasts proud of Panoypoy Heights. Here, food comes in a variety of options and what matters most is the moments you create with friends. Check out few of the many reasons why Panoypoy Heights should be your next barkada hangout place!

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The Place

When coming early in the afternoon, Panoypoy Heights gives you an overview of how Cebu looks like in broad daylight. The cool mountain breeze the location offers also adds to why Panoypoy Heights is a top choice for friend groups! It fits everyone in the group, so there’s no need to look for extra sitting.

The Food

With a lot of stalls in the area, Panoypoy Heights caters to everyone’s taste buds. From appetizers, to snack foods, and your favorite drinks, they have it all in one place! Don’t forget to clean up after eating so the next guests can enjoy the view as much as you did without the extra hassle.

The City Lights

And, of course, how can we forget about the reason why we all want to visit Panoypoy Heights? The city lights in Cebu are visible from above! Get to look at the tall buildings and just appreciate the scenery that the cities of Cebu offers to Cebuanos.


Take A Glimpse of Cebu from Above

Good food, the best company, and the perfect sight is one great combination. The best time to visit the place is during the night so you can look at the entirety of the view. Bring your friends and family to visit, and don’t forget to take pictures with you and the scenery!

Panoypoy Heights Contact Details

Address: Panas Road, Panoypoy, Consolacion, Cebu

Open Hours: 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Social Media: Facebook

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Written by Rose Sangre

Hi, I'm Rose! A college student who wants to share worthwhile destinations, events and happenings in Cebu with everyone. I love travelling to new places and get to experience more about the beauty of the area!


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