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Drift Down the Lake at Mahogany Floating Cottages in Asturias!

Who’s up for a weekend of fun?

Photo courtesy of Mahogany Floating Cottages

Don’t you sometimes feel like a cold swim would take all the worries away? A quick drive to Asturias might solve that! Mahogany Floating Cottages is a rising destination for those who want to unwind for the weekend. Leave everything in the city behind for the day and spend time with friends at…

Mahogany Floating Cottages

Situated at Buswang Lake, Mahogany Floating Cottages is one of the centers of attraction when visiting Asturias. They offer a bunch of activities that you can do while enjoying your stay there. The staff are very accommodating and friendly to their guests which gives off a nice ambience whenever you plan to visit the cottages.

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It is located in the middle of a mini forest so you are surrounded with nature all day long! Check out the services that you can avail while making your stay worthwhile at Mahogany Floating Cottages.

Kayak Rentals

Photo courtesy of JP Tabz.

Go for a row through the lake with your friend when at Mahogany Floating Cottages. Race each other from one point to the other and see whose got the best skills in paddling. They have small and big kayaks suitable for everyone so get to choose your pick!

Paddle Boarding

Aside from kayaking through the waters of the lake, try paddle boarding for the first time! It’s just like surfing, but standing up with a paddle in hand. Channel your inner adventurous soul and try something new for once in a while at Mahogany Floating Cottages!

Swimming in the Lake

And, of course, let the calm lake soothe your stress in life by taking a dip in the cold water. Have fun, play around, and splash your friends while swimming in the like for an extra stress reliever. Be careful no to go too far though!

Spend Time at the Beautiful Outdoors

Make the most out of your weekend getaway with friends when you spend time outside. It’s not everyday we get to chill and wind down for a day. There are no corkage fees when you stay at Mahogany Floating Cottages so bring all the food you want!

Also, they only allow reservations due to the implementation of social distancing. It’s best to book your stay ahead with them by contacting them through the numbers below!

Mahogany Floating Cottages Contact Number

Social Media: Facebook


  • Entrance Fee: P50 per person
  • Floating Cottages (Overnight): P500 with free breakfast
  • Kayaking
    Big: P200 for the first hour (P100 per hour for the next hours)
    Small: P150 for the first hour (P75 per hour for the next hours)
  • Trekking or Caving: P50 per person

Parking Space: You can park your vehicles before boarding the cottages at their entrance.

Accessibility: From the highway, a spacious road will lead you to Buswang Lake where you can spot the cottages.

Affordability: It’s a very affordable price where you and your friends can split up the expenses for renting the cottage you want to stay at.

Business Hours: They are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. However, reservations must be made prior to coming in Mahogany Floating Cottages.

Contact Numbers: 0995 7666 393 / 0906 784 2051


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