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Giant Milk Tea Spotted in Cebu: DripTea Liloan’s Overdose Milk Tea!

Affordable King-Sized Milk Tea!

Photo courtesy of DripTea Liloan

Hey there fellow milk tea fan! We know you’re curious about this monster milk tea! Milk teas are already a perfection but what if it’s twice the size of a regular milk tea? As crazy as that sounds this milk tea shop in Cebu, DripTea Liloan, offers affordable premium quality milk tea in giant cups. Try not to drown in the milk tea goodness of…

DripTea Liloan

Overdose Milk Tea

This is not a drill. This mighty Overdose milk tea cup of DripTea Liloan is filled with 1 liter of milk tea! Their milk tea is heavenly creamy and their pearls are chewy all throughout! DripTea Liloan also has a variety of add-ons like coffee jelly, oreos, pudding, mousse and many more!

Since this is a giant cup, we recommend not going beyond 50% of sugar level. We don’t want you to get a sugar rush migraine! They also have other milk tea sizes called Highdose (medium) and Lowdose (small).

Best Sellers

Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea and Chocolate Mousse Milk Tea

This power duo is a hit not only because it’s oreo and chocolate flavored but because of the generous amount of cheesecake cream and mousse stuffed in these tall Highdose cups! We wonder if we can get these two flavors in Overdose cups!

Premium Flavors

Red Chocolate Milk Tea

This premium milk tea flavor of DripTea Liloan tastes like a hearty slice of Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting!

Black Wintermelon Milk Tea

Do you have a weekend hangover? Why not try this unique milk tea flavor! Black Wintermelon Milk Tea contains a little amount of edible charcoal that relieves alcohol hangover. It also helps in clearing toxins and improving kidney health. Don’t worry, it still tastes like a normal milk tea but with health benefits!

Nutella Milk Tea

DripTea Liloan knows our guilty pleasures. They just had to have our favorite hazelnut spread in their milk tea. Nutella Milk Tea is a regular milk tea but with luscious Nutella brushed thoroughly around the inside of the cup! Before drinking, shake it well until the Nutella spread melts!


DripTea Liloan Store

DripTea Liloan is a casual place for a quick milk tea fix and chill hangouts with your friends.

Tea-rific size. Tea-rific flavor.

DripTea Liloan didn’t just amazed us with their incredible milk tea sizes. These cups are filled with new premium flavors that made our milk tea experience more special. Have a fun Man vs. Milk Tea challenge with your family and friends at DripTea Liloan and see if you can finish this giant Overdose Milk Tea!

Contact Details

Address: Central Nautical Hwy, Poblacion 6002 Liloan, Philippines

Store Hours: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Mondays to Sundays

Contact Number: 09317029730

Social Media: Facebook

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