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Get a Slice of the Best Japanese Cheesecake in Cebu from Milléri!

It’s like you’re on Cloud 9!

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Need something to pair with your afternoon refreshment? Desserts make the perfect combination to that! But, what kind, and from which dessert shop? The missing piece to your puzzle is none other than a Japanese Cheeecake! Just like Milléri and the dozens of desserts shops opening in Cebu, the options are lining out of the door for the best cheesecake in town. Get the best Japanese Cheesecake at…


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This online dessert shop launched when every city was under observance of community quarantine. However, that did not stop them from delivering your favorite desserts straight to your doorstep. Milléri started out with simple batches of cookies in a box and satisfied customers kept on coming back, wanting for more food items!

And because of their perseverance in serving the Cebuanos with freshly baked desserts, they have earned the title of being the “Best Japanese Cheesecake in Cebu!”

Craving for some? Check their best-selling items below!

Koji Cheesecake

Guests are coming over and you don’t have the time to make something from scratch? This Koji Cheesecake from Milléri is named after Chef Koji Tamura of Mr. Cheesecake Tokyo, and people all over the world flocks to Japan to line up and get a taste of the famous cheesecake. Since the pandemic stopped us from flying over to Tokyo, the team from Milléri decided to bring the cheesecake over to Cebu!

The texture of the Koji Cheesecake feels like you’re biting into a crème brûlée, filled with the taste of vanilla and tonka beans in every bite.

Milléri Cookies

With 8 unique flavors, their cookies will immediately melt into your mouth! And, that’s not the only great thing about the cookies from Milléri, because their cookies are huge, it’s the size of our palms! Grab them in a box to go with assorted flavors, or a box of your favorite ones.

Milléri Brownies

These brownies from Milléri come in four various flavors. And these flavors that we couldn’t even think of in the first place! We just know that stopping isn’t possible once you’ve got a taste of their brownies!

A Taste of Fluffy Sweetness in Every Bite

Photo courtesy of iamreymags

Lift that frown upside down with a dessert from Milléri. Once you’ve tasted their luscious take on fluffy Japanese cheesecakes, nothing can compare! Keep fulfilling your cravings with the best versions of your favorite food from within Cebu. Make everyday a beautiful day with food!

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