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Find the Best Otap in Cebu at Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation

Go-to Filipino Pasalubong store!

Photo courtesy of Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation

Filipino delicacies take us back when we are young and carefree. After we play outside, we always look forward to our Merienda. This oval-shaped pastry sprinkled with sugar, Otap, is one of our favorites! This sugary biscuit originated from Cebu, is made of coconut, flour and sugar. Discover where to find the best Otap in Cebu and other pinoy classic favorites at…

Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation

Company Background

Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation is a family business that aims to produce the best Filipino delicacies and bakery products. They want to share the culture of a Filipino Pasalubong. “Pasalubong” is a Filipino tradition of travelling people buying gifts or souvenirs for their family and friends before they go back home.

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For more than 50 years of baking excellence, Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation became one of Cebu’s biggest names when it comes to homegrown goodness. Up to this day, they still continue to earn their spot in being the go-to place for Filipino Balikbayans (people returning to their homeland) and foreign visitors looking for authentic Filipino delicacies.

The Award-Winning Otap

With Otap being originated from Cebu, it represents the region’s signature product. Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation truly deserves to be know as having the best Otap in Cebu. Their Otap is flakey and buttery with a satisfying crispy texture. This biscuit is sprinkled with sugar but it has the right amount of sweetness! Spend your afternoons with a plate of Otap and a warm cup of black coffee!

Other Pastries


Barquillos is a crispy wafer roll originated in Spain. It’s made of sugar, egg whites, flour, and butter. Barquillos are rolled out and then mold into a cylinder. We recommend deeping your Barquillos in your favorite hot chocolate!

Galletas de Huevas

“Galletas de Huevas” means “egg cookie” in Spanish. It is popularly known as Egg Cracklets in the Philippines. It is also known for its shiny surface and distinct curved corners resembling potatoes. This cookie has a mild eggy flavor so it’s usually paired with a flavored beverage.

Baked Polvoron

Polvoron is one of our most-loved Filipino delicacies but it can be a powdery mess when you eat it. This Baked Polvoron of Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation has a denser texture that won’t fall apart easily. Now you can enjoy this milky treat without the mess!

Lady Fingers

Lady fingers commonly known as “Broas” in the Philippines is a light and crispy sponge cake topped with a subtle sugary white icing. Lady fingers are good for layering cakes just like in Icebox cakes!


A Filipino Pasalubong

Bringing pasalubong to your family and friends after a long trip is a nice way to let them know you’re still thinking about them even though you’re far away. Be the sweetest Papa, Ate or Tito and stop by at Shamrock Bakery & Restaurant Corporation for the best Filipino Pasalubong!


Address: Honoria Paras Bldg, Fuente Osmeña Cir, Lungsod ng Cebu, 6014 Lalawigan ng Cebu

Contact Number: 09190658315

Social Media: Facebook

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