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EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya: Sugbo Mercado’s Best Ramen Food Stall | Cebu

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Filipinos love to eat and they have always been drawn to different cuisine, so it’s no surprise that if we see a foreign restaurants or foods we become curious on what they could offer. The Queen City of the South is basically a melting pot of cuisines that offers locals and visitors one of the best experiences for their palette. One of which is the EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya that provides a delicious ramen in Cebu. 

EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya

Ramen is the ultimate indulgence dinner. Nothing surpasses the comfort of a decadent bowl of ramen, whether you’re slogging through the week or commemorating a special occasion. The good news is, you don’t have to go anywhere for noodle fix because EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya will do it for you. 

Located in Sugbo Mercado, Cebu City. EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya was established during the middle lockdown in 2020. They’ve begun offering ramen and gyoza kits, and the concept of Japanese cuisine was an instant hit, they continue selling affordable kits to the public.

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Call me Ramen-sensei!

EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya assure you that their list of ramen will definitely warm your hearts during rainy seasons and cold nights. Let’s start with their best selling Authentic tonkotsu such as…

Classic Tonkotsu

Broth, egg, pork belly, and ramen—Hallelujah! For starters, if you’re new to eating Japanese food such as ramen you might try first, their Classic. The taste of the original and the taste of the best selling tonkotsu.

Spicy Tonkotsu

Tell them to go as spicy as they can make it, and you’ll never be disappointed. For the spicy side of yours, indulge your tongue and mouth to taste the burning sensation of their Spicy Tonkotsu. A little reminder, it’s for spicy lovers only.

Miso Tonkotsu

The creamy and smooth type of ramen, Miso Tonkotsu. The taste of creaminess and warmth, your perfect remedy for cold. Don’t stop there yet, because EPI ZEN isn’t just here for the sake of being good; it’s also built to break down your throats and buds with their other great ramen flavors. So, for wider selection, you may also try their Black Garlic Tonkotsu, Tantanmen, and Pesto Tonkotsu.

Let’s get CURRY too!

This isn’t Stephen Curry but sure it’s as great as him. Aside from ramen, they also offer you with their mouth watering curries that are definitely worth a try.

Beef Curry

Did you know that curry was originally from Britain? Well, now? Because of its popularity in Japan they consider it as a national dish. So much for history, how about we try their one of the most exceptional serving, Beef curry.

Karaage Curry

Probably the personal favorite of many, Karaage Curry. Deep fried and marinated with authentic seasonings and ingredients. Have a taste of both Britain and Japan without traveling.

Get Addicted!

A sincere advice from EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya, “Do not buy our products or you might get addicted.” Well, for what it’s worth? The only advice you can get from us is that their ramen is the only drug that’s best for you. When looking for a ramen fix, EPI ZEN Ramen-Ya is at your service.


Contact Details

Exact location: Sugbo Mercado, IT Park, Cebu City

Contact number: 0917 533 0240

Business hours: Open daily at 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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