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Enjoy Delectable Fudgy Treats and Cebu’s Best Chocolate Crinkles at Mom’s Treat by Ding

Baked to perfection!

Photo courtesy of Mom's Treat by Ding.

When it comes to desserts, chocolates are a staple! And at Mom’s Treat by Ding, their Chocolate cakes, cookies and mousse are the best. Although what really stands out from them are their crinkle cookies. Or chocolate dough rolled in powdered sugar and baked into a festive black and white cookie. So pair your afternoon snacks and coffee with a delicious box of crinkles at…

Mom’s Treat by Ding

Another business that started during quarantine, Mom’s Treats by Ding, was determined to cater to Cebuanos who were missing the taste of home-baked goodness! When they first opened in September of 2020, they immediately got the lot’s attention with their delicious sweet treats.

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And within months of perseverance, Mom’s Treats by Ding immediately got the well-deserved title of the Best Chocolate Crinkles in Cebu for 2020!

Chocolate Crinkles

The best-selling dessert from Mom’s Treats by Ding is the moist chocolate cookies that are baked to perfection. Powdered with confectioner’s sugar on top makes the crinkles extra sugary and delicious. Take your sweet-tooth cravings to heaven with the best chocolate crinkles in town!

Choco Chip Banana Bread

Creating a twist to the ordinary banana bread, Mom’s Treats by Ding mixed in large chunks of chocolate chips to their version of Choco Chip Banana Bread! It’s a well-balanced dessert suitable for coffee!

Chocolate Moist Cake in a Tub

Mom’s Treats by Ding offers Cebuanos the classic chocolate moist cake in a tub. Fully covered with chocolate fudge, this cake will surely melt in your mouth and have you wanting for more!

Save Some Room for Dessert

A full meal isn’t entirely complete without room for dessert. After having a savory and salty dish, the last food should always be something sweet. Enjoy the afternoon breeze with a box of chocolate crinkles or a loaf of moist chocolate cake from Mom’s Treat by Ding and share it with your friends and family!

Mom’s Treat by Ding Contact Details

Address: Cebu City, Cebu

Mobile Number: 0947 893 5217

Social Media: Facebook

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