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Take A Healing Trip to Domescape in Nasugbu, Batangas

Who’s bringing the marshmallows?

Photo courtesy of Domescape

Want to camp in the wilderness? Well, we bet you’ve never heard of glamping! Glamping is also camping but without the hassle of finding a place to stay or setting up your small tent. Domescape is perfect for couples or families who want to spend quality time but not risking any unforeseen circumstances that may happen. Pack your things, grab the bunch, and go glamping at…


Experience glamping like never before at Domescape in Nasugbu, Batangas! It is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is ensured to be more than just a tent. Escape into the wild without having to lose the comfort of home.

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Why? Because the domes in Domescape feel just like you’re in a hotel room. There are a total of 5 domes in the area for you to enjoy the peaceful view of nature. Check out the domes that you can try out your first ever glamping!

Dome 2

With two queen sized beds, Dome 2 of Domescape is an airconditioned room equipped with a single hammock inside and a bath. It also has a small sala set where you can read books while glancing at the view outside. This dome can accommodate 4 guests for only P7000 a night!

Twin Domes

Heading to Domescape with your friends? The twin domes are perfect for the group because it can accommodate 12 guests! You and your friends will have the Domes 3 and 4 all to yourself, plus 2 baths where you can relax. You can book these two domes for a barkada outing at only P15,500 a night!

Natural Pool

You deserve to take a chill break! Jump into a lake-type pool with the natural pools of Domescape. What’s best about taking a dip in a natural pool is getting to swim without any chemical smell and taste. It also doesn’t sting your eyes!

Chill in the Comfort of Nature

When the great outdoors is left untouched, a wonder is yet to happen. For the nature lovers and adventurous souls, Domescape is the perfect escape from the stress! When in Domescape, you get to rest in a luxury hotel with nature as the reception area. They are yet to upgrade into providing guests with more domes inspired by different cultures around the world, so its best to check out what they have more to offer!

Domescape Contact Details

Address: Nasugbu, Batangas

Open Hours: Always Open

Book Your Stay: AirBnB

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

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