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Co Jordan Bangus and Talaba Eatery: Fish and Eat Fresh Seafood | Consolacion, Cebu

Affordable Seafood Haven!

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There’s nothing better than eating fresh seafood that you fished yourself at Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery! Relax, fish in their breezy fishing lagoon and have it cooked the way you want it! You also get to taste a wide variety of affordable and scrumptious seafood dishes! Come and have a fun fishing bonding time with your family at…

Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery


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The place and ambiance of Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery is quite relaxing and perfect for the summer. There’s tranquility in dining in cozy cottages and being surrounded by nature’s serene waters. The atmosphere actually makes you crave fresh seafood dishes! 

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Menu Recommendations

Steamed Fish

As simple as this dish looks, you’ll be surprised by its depth of flavor! The steamed fish is very moist and tender. When you cut the fish, you can see the steam and juice coming out! It fully absorbed all the seasonings and spices it was cooked with giving us a burst of flavor in one bite! Their fish is also meaty so the dish itself is quite filling already. 

Baked Scallops and Calamares

Baked Scallops and Calamares are two of the best sellers of Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery. Their Baked Scallops and Calamares is perfectly cooked and not rubbery! The garlic in Baked Scallops is not overpowering and blends well with the butter. The Calamares is crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside. 

Singaporean Crabs

Are you a fan of  spicy seafood? Have an extra kick of delicious spiciness of their Singaporean Crabs! The subtle sweetness of the crab meat balances the spiciness of the sauce making you grab for another cup of extra rice! Make sure to clean the crab well and not miss the best part, the crab fat! 

Clam Soup

Savor a soothing hot bowl of Clam Soup while being surrounded with nature! The soup has a mild comforting flavor. It has the right amount of savory taste highlighting the rich sea flavor of the clams. Imagine enjoying a hot bowl of Clam Soup in the fishing lagoon on a rainy day!

Fishing Lagoon

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Have an exciting fishing bonding time with your family at the fishing lagoon of  Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery! The fishing rod will be provided but you’ll  have to pay P20 for the fish food. Fishing won’t be easy so be patient! If you caught a fish, you can go to the eatery and have it cooked the way you like it! You can also bring home the fish that you caught but you also have to pay for it. 


Simple Food but Big in Flavor!

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Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery let us have affordable homemade food oozing with the rich flavors of the sea! Their fishing lagoon also let us have a fun fishing bonding time with our family! It’s also a perfect place for a summer family lunch out! So go grab your family, fish and eat fresh seafood at Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery!

Contact Details

Address: Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu

Business Hours: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm on Mondays to Sundays

Contact Number: 0921 237 0728

Social Media:  Facebook


Cottage rent: P100 to P500 for 3 hours (additional after 3 hours)

Parking Space: If you want to use your own vehicle going there, parking space is available. 

Affordability: Every dish in Co Jordan Bangus & Talaba Eatery is reasonably priced. Their dishes are good for 5 to 6 persons.

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