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Bring Back Childhood with the All-Time Classic Taho from Go Taho!

Part of our childhood was running to get a glass when we hear a loud yell of “Taho!” in the afternoon. It’s always the classic snack favorite of every Filipino and it holds a special place in our hearts.

The taho is enjoyed as a morning or an afternoon snack and consists of fresh soft tofu, arnibal and sago pearls. And to relive our childhood, a lot of stores like Go Taho started adding twists to our ordinary refreshment. Try the newest store that will bring you back to when you were young at…

Go Taho

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Ever since the peak of the pandemic, we didn’t get to hear our beloved vendors selling on the street. Thankfully Go Taho first launched their small business in Instagram and Facebook in order to serve Cebuanos the snacks that we all love.

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And it’s been 2 months since they’ve become operational and they are expanding their business with various flavors to our classic soft tofu snacks. Check out the diverse flavors that Go Taho has to offer!

Go Sweet

Classic Taho

Our all-time favorite soft tofu is indeed one of our best comfort food! And we can never go wrong with the original flavor we are used to. The snack is infused with rich flavors from the soft tofu, arnibal and sago. And we know that we need to mix these together ingredients to get the ultimate experience!

Pandan Taho

Take your meryenda to the next level with their Pandan Taho flavor! Instead of the sago, the restaurant switched it up to some pandan cubes. It’s like mixing two of our beloved refreshments in one cup!

Go Savory

Century Egg Taho

Contrary to what you’re thinking, yes, the snack can also be made into a savory century eggs delight! Which are a topped with preserve eggs that have been kept for a few weeks or months.

Simply add the century egg toppings to the tofu for added flavor. And scoop up! We guarantee that this will be your next favorite version of the taho!

Pork Floss Taho

Pork floss is a topping that has a cotton-like texture and immediately dissolves in our mouth. Top your soft tofu with pork floss and be blown away by the unique combination!


Interested? Hover at their menu above and try the unique flavors that they offer. They also have a kit when you want to make your own soft tofu snack at home!

Missing Childhood? Let’s Go Taho!

Photo courtesy of @jho_band

Did we just make you hungry for this classic afternoon snack? We’re missing this soft tofu snack too! Reminisce the bliss of childhood with this premium flavored Taho and get your cravings for the day satisfied by delivering these treats to your doorstep!

Go Taho Contact Details

Contact Number: 0917 722 8078

Social Media: Facebook and Instagram

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