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Boss Paku: Unlimited Chicken Wings Anyone? | Pardo, Cebu

Kaon Ta Na!

There’s no denying that we really love all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants—-a mundane like us who wouldn’t want to have an abundance of infinite food at a low cost? As luck would have it, Boss Paku is happy to serve you with their mixed unlimited foods. Loosen your built and ready your pockets because you’re about to have a war-food at…

BOSS PAKU “ Dine with great ambiance!” 

It’s a human thing to celebrate small wins and propose a toast especially when we have great news. It could be job promotion, passing grades, or a win from love. Well, when you have all those things, one piece of advice from us that will surely not disappoint you is to whoop it up here in BOSS PAKU.

Located at Gabuya St. Pardo, Cebu. This open-air restaurant will definitely boss you out with their unlimited sumptuous foods. Well, from the word “BOSS” which means “in charge”and “Paku” which means wings in Cebuano, and combine the two which means that their delicious wings are in command of your appetite.

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Mixed Seafoods

No sharing and no left over policy—mixed seafood for only P299. Like we said,, it’s so mundane and human to impossibly resist this offer, who wouldn’t? For those gals who’ve been craving seafood for a long time now, this is your chance to sample the juiciness and sour-sweetness of every bite.

Remember, if you have allergic reactions to seafood and are still determined to eat those,  always make sure to bring cetirizine with you.

Ala Carte Wings

Well, surely this one is making some noise here at BOSS PAKU— chicken wings. Go on a date or celebrate with yourself by spending P249 worth of eight pieces of wings. Sulit right? 

Ala Carte Solo Meal

If your budget does not favor you today, don’t worry. What you should worry about is stopping yourself when you taste their Solo meal that contains three chicken wings and a cup of rice for only P99.

Sisigla ka sa Sisig!

But, if your vibe for today is getting some good time with friends, BOSS PAKU offers you their Ala Carte Special Sisig for only P199. When having a great time, always pair it with drinks because it’s good to feel again being tipsy while enjoying the beautiful night and under rain-lights of the dining area.

Contact Details

Exact location:A. gabuya street pardo Cebu

Contact number:09086349546

Operating hours:Opens daily from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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