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74NTH Grill: Satisfy Your Seafood Cravings | Liloan, Cebu

Going somewhere to drink and chill with? Or aren’t you tired of having the same meal in your homes? Have you forgotten the freshness of every seafood bite? You are lucky because “74NTH Grill” can help you with that. 

For the past months, we have been forced to remain inside our homes for our safety and to the public as well.  Today is the time for us to have some time outside, slowly step by step but remember to always follow the safety protocols. Being trapped inside our homes can be a little suffocating and stressful.

74NTH Grill

Photo by Dr. @lucenarosemd

So head outside and visit 74NTH Grill located at Move Park, Central Nautical highway, Liloan. Eat and chill everyday because it operates daily every 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM.  Enjoy the amazing grilled seafood, together with your friends and family. A perfect spot to get together and have fun! 

If you are on a road trip and to all the bikers out there then  this is  also an amazing spot to stop by, as it is accessible and located on the highway. Stop and chill here and eat the seafood you are craving!

 And if you are not up to visiting the area then delivery is also available.  Grilled seafood can be delivered to your homes for your convenience! Just message their Facebook page and check it out!

Highlighted Foods

74NTH Grill offers you varieties of seafood dishes. From fresh shrimps, crabs, squids, and many more!  More variety, more choices  you can explore!

Bilao Set

Customize your own Bilao Set now! Your order, your choice.  Pick your favorite grilled seafood and combine it all in one dish. You can choose from fresh and well-seasoned shrimps, soft cheesy grilled scallops, tender squids and of course your favorite grilled fish be it a Bangus, Blue Marlin, Bakasi or Tuna. Oceans treasure in one plate! It might be confusing what to choose but don’t worry, all dishes taste heavenly good!

Buttered Garlic Shrimps

Cravings satisfied as you grab a hold of these buttered garlic shrimps.  Enjoy this scrumptious seafood delight. Savor the sweetness and mild saltness of the shrimps. The tender meat can make you ask for more!  

Challenge your mates on who can  eat the most shrimps in a limited time! Enjoy the seafood treasure feast while having fun. This dish is so addicting that you can never notice that you’ve finished the whole dish in a second.

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Warm yourself up during this cold weather as you take a sip of this bowl of sea- delicious fish soup. Be hype as you taste the sour and spicy, very rich fish flavored soup with all the green chili fingers and lots and lots of tomatoes. An all time Filipino favorite that every Pinoy missed. Enjoy the cold weather with this heartwarming ocean cuisine in a bowl. 


Night Time is the Best!

It’s best to pay a visit at night time! Lights are turned on and your eyes will never get bored wherever they look at! This place is really a good spot to have a drink, chill, and relax.  An Instagram worthy place and food all in one place! Take a snap of every moment and enjoy the sealicous meals!

Enjoy your every meal only at 74nth Grill, your all time Seafood Griller. This open dining area can really make you more relaxed. Chill and drink here with all your favorite people! We all missed eating outside and most importantly we all missed getting together in public places.

Well at this time we are allowed but it is limited. Thus visiting such a place is okay but remember to always follow the safety protocols. Continue filling your bellies and making memories while staying safe!

Location: Move Park, Central Nautical Highway, Liloan

Social Media:

  • Facebook –  74NTH grill
  • Email-

Phone Number : 0915 841 3181

Operating Hours: Monday- Sunday every 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

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